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The brand that all began with a beloved number of family.

Tropical Leaves
  • Hypoallergenic standard like water.

  • The world's first ear cleaner without surfactants.

  • Ear cleaners cannot be rinsed our.

  • Shampoo is  "ingested" through our scalps.

  • Ingredients are keys.

  • Spray on Body mist is safe on coat and skin.

  • No more worries about tangled hair and dry skin.

  • Make for professional grooming artist. No Conditioner Required.

  • Deep Cleansing

HYPONIC’s beginnings, stem from research conducted for a dog suffering from skin disease due to side effects of prolonged use of chemical shampoos.

We promise to bring you the safest, most trusted brand to your beloved furry loved one.

derma test excellent
  • 100% Full Ingredient Disclosed

  • Excellent Award In Dermatest 2018

  • EGW Hazard Score (Score 1-2)

  • Non-Toxicity & Skin Irritation Tests Completed

  • No Sting

  • Free Of Surfactants

  • Free Of Fragrance

  • Free Of Alcohol

Do you know what kind of ingredients are in your pet's shampoo?

What is EWG

EWG is an American non-profit environmental organization which rates products from 1 to 10 according to how hazardous the cosmetic ingredients are and publicizes the grades after analyzing the 250 million research results.


100% Full Ingredient Disclosed

All Ingredients are scored by EWG​



Hyponic Shampoo
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HyponicShampoo Ingredients

Why use Hyponic?

Hyponic Ear Cleaner Tips
48% Cypress Ear Cleaner
Tropical Leaves



The world’s first and only surfactant-free ear cleaner


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