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HYPONIC 極致低敏 扁柏犬用洗耳水 *專利配方

No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner (For All Dogs) *Patented



The world’s first and only surfactant-free ear cleaner



Free of surfactants, sulfates, propylene glycol, alcohol, artificial flavors.

Cypress water content of 48%, so that pets can prevent the breeding of germs and ticks when cleaning their ears, and help the ears and ear canals clean and healthy.


  • 不含表面活性劑
  • 絕不含有害化學物質
  • 內含 48% 扁柏精華
  • 完成敏感度皮膚測試
  • 完成防黴測試
  • 完成抗菌測試
  • 完成耳臭消除測試


  • Free of surfacetants

  • Free if harmful chemicals

  • 48% Chamaecyparis Obtuse

  • Completed hypoallergenic skin test

  • Completed anti-mold test

  • Completed anti-bacterial test

  • Completed ear smell elimination test



The ear of animals cannot be rinsed out